Dicono di noi

Dear Bologna Cucina,
Thank you for your contribution to my experience at the cooking course, and also a ’grande molto grazie’ from my wife.
The course was perfect me, and the chef-instructors were superb in all respects, i.e., explaining, demonstrating, opportunity for ’hands on’, quality of ingredients, variety of recipes, and the variety of techniques required to perform the various stages of each recipe. Furthermore, the facility was ’first class.’
That said, because you and your chefs were also incredibly personable, the course was even more enjoyable than just another a ’classroom experience.’
Meeting my classmates was another ’plus.’
In my estimate, (and that of my wife), your chefs were extremely competent, and demonstrated not only superior personal standards and ability, but also a desire to impart these same high goals to their students.
My personal ’take away’ or ’portare via’ was a validation and reinforcement of my techniques, plus a some new recipes. As far as new techniques are concerned, I was never comfortable with making any type of "pasta ripiene, before the course. But making pasta each day in class, and learning from the chefs’ comments and techniques, I made tortelloni in Rome on Sunday for my friend and her family. Also, in the past I was never interested in preparing dolce, although I have often done so. However, we made a brilliant dessert during every session, and I have a new enjoyment now for making dolce.
Ultimately, I did verify, (at least to myself), that I was competant to prepare an adequate repertoire, now expanded by the course. The added variety of dishes should keep Mary, her mother and sister fed without too may complaints for the near term.
Adult american man

Ieri sera ho partecipato alla prima lezione di cucina e sono davvero entusiasta!
Giovane signora italiana

Greetings from Chicago. We had a wonderful class with Chef David at the end of September.
Three people form USA

La serata è stata veramente gradevole, sia il teacher chef - bravissimo - che la compagnia degli altri partecipanti.
Il corso l’ho trovato molto soddisfacente.
Signora italiana

Vorrei ringraziavi a nome mio e del mio amico per l’accoglienza e la disponibilita’ di soddisfare le nostre richieste.
Le lezioni erano sia divertenti che utili e abbiamo imparato molto.
Il fatto che le lezioni erano svolte da tre cuochi diversi, ci ha anche ribadito il concetto che non c’e’ un unico modo di cucinare e che le differenze danno spazio alla fantasia personale, e avendo imparato le basi, ognuno puo’ "volare" con la sua immaginazione e fantasia.
In conclusione, siamo rimasti molto soddisfati.
Signori israeliani